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Three Ways to Lose Weight Fast?But Not Too Fast! Health Articles | August 24 Blake Griffin Jersey , 2015

Learn how to lose weight quickly. There's a ton of quick fix pills and diet plans but they can be very dangerous if done incorrectly. Learn how to lose weight the healthy way.

Losing weight is something most of us have attempted at least once in our lives; and for some, it remains an on-going mission. According to the CDC, consumers spend $35 million each year on weight-loss strategies and products; and it’s unarguable that weight loss is obsessively embedded in our culture. Making sure weight loss it is done safely, however, is crucial. Research data from Harvard Medical School reveals that losing weight too fast—such as 3 or more pounds a week--can cause gallstones Reggie Jackson Jersey , which are hardened cholesterol that look and feel like small rock formations. If one were to lose at least 4 or more pounds per week, it can wreak havoc on your liver. Losing weight too quickly can, also, increase the chances of regaining weight due to an unhealthy decrease in one’s metabolism. These are only three examples of why taking your time to lose weight is the safest route to take. There are ways, however Andre Drummond Jersey , that can speed up your weight-loss while, still, ensuring your body’s health is not compromised. Let’s take a quick peek:

Consume Apple Cider Vinegar

There is a lot that can be said about the positive effects of consuming apple cider vinegar; and one of those effects deals specifically with weight loss. In a nutshell, apple cider vinegar profoundly improves blood-sugar regulation contributing to shedding pounds. Apple cider vinegar contains ‘acetic acid’ which increases a person’s energy level. By consuming 2 tablespoons of this wonder liquid each day, it is believed to inhibit certain enzymes which Detroit Pistons Jersey , ultimately, results in regulating one’s appetite.

If consuming vinegar may seem too disagreeable, try mixing 2 tablespoons vinegar with honey, cinnamon and cold water—adding amounts according to your preference. You can, also Jamal Murray Jersey , add it to salad dressing prior to a meal.

Drink Green Tea

Drinking Green Tea can create some interesting benefits when it comes to weight loss. Green Tea contains components called catechins which prevent the break-down of what is called norepinephrine. Norepinephrine is a neurotransmitter that is a major player with helping the body shed pounds. These catechins allow more of the norepinephrine to be available, thereby, aiding in the loss of weight.

Healthy weight supplements contain these catechins so constantly drinking Green Tea isn’t the only option. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed impressive studies concerning Green Tea’s catechins and the weight-loss benefits. The medical teams involved in this research not only discovered that Green Tea predictably helps to increase the amount of fat a body burns, but it displays evidence that the catechins in Green Tea prevent fat cells from collecting additional fat.

Eat Avocados and Kale

There are a number of fat-busting foods, but two biggies at the top of the list would be avocados and kale. These two weight-loss powerhouses will help you lose weight effectively and efficiently.

Avocados are literal fat-burners and will work hand-in-hand with your hormones to burn unwanted fat. Believe it or not Nikola Jokic Jersey , when the nutrients of avocados enter your system, your hormones that store fat will become ineffective! As a result, you metabolism will be enhanced and you will feel fuller, longer.

Kale is a metabolism-boosting dynamo! By eating 4 cups of kale as a salad, for example Gary Harris Jersey , your body will reap the benefits due to the high fiber content, the detoxifying that will cleanse your liver, and you will notice fewer cravings for junk foods containing sugar, salt and oils.

Weight loss should be taken seriously in the United States since the Center for Disease Control states that 36% of adults and 17% of children qualify as being obsess in our country. Losing excess weight is crucial for optimal health and it can be done efficiently and quite quickly where pounds can be shed at a vigorous, yet healthy Paul Millsap Jersey , pace.


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